In September 2014 I re-branded and launched my brand NEW Facebook Fan Page, combining my Facebook and business tips for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers (FB4DS.com) with my MoneliCo Business Solutions Coaching and Business Consulting practice.  If you have not made the switch over from the old Page to the new, please do.  I am also in the process of creating new videos and a new video channel with the new branding.  Until then all my videos can still be viewed on the FB4DS YouTube Channel.  I still post occasionally on the FB4DS.com Facebook Page and will not be un-publishing the Page, but almost all of my posts going forward will be made on the new Facebook Page for MoneliCo Business Solutions: www.facebook.com/monicaramos.  Become a fan today and begin thriving in business and in life!  Be sure to click on Get Notifications to let Facebook know you want to see my posts in your Newsfeed.





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Check Out the Who, What, Why and How to Marketing Your Business on Facebook

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In this lively webinar video and accompanying ebook, Karen Clark of My Business Presence, will teach you the 8 reasons why your business needs a Facebook business Page as well as the latest step-by-step instructions for setting one up.

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You will watch Karen create a business Page live on her computer. This is a physical DVD you will watch on your TV or computer (about an hour) as well as a link to a 50 page PDF ebook with written instructions you can view on your computer or print out. Free updates to the ebook are included.


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