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May 202014

Your Business Ambassadors are people who may not be able to book a party for you right now but they work with or are associated with lots of other women.  This could be a friend, a relative, a past hostess, your hair dresser, a shop owner, or someone who works at a school.  Set up a small display and a few catalogs with this Sign-up Sheet.  Put her name, your Ambassador, at the top and tell her you will give her a free gift for filling out the sheet with at least 10 contacts.  Let her know you will be back in 2 – 3 days to pick up the list and deliver her gift.  Follow up with everyone on the list right away!

Often times your Ambassadors will turn into Hostesses and Team Members, especially if they are generating business for you and see an opportunity they may not have known was there before.

Ambassador Sheet









Click HERE to request this Ambassador Sheet as an editable document.

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